The Wii U: A fan boy’s perspective


Cards on the Table: I am quite the Nintendo fan boy. I love Nintendo. Always have.  However no matter how much I adore them I am still able to take a step back and view them objectively.

Adding a second card to my table of transparency; I will also admit that I own and love a Wii U. Love it like it were a rectangular plastic high glossed child of mine. In my opinion the console itself is great. Sure the processing power can’t match the other consoles in this new generation but the game pad opens up opportunities for original and fresh game play mechanics that limit stale reproductions of familiar titles. That’s not to say Nintendo doesn’t stick with its few tried and tested IPs, because it does, but the new iterations contain (or should contain) interesting new ideas and play styles.

However the console is dying. This doesn’t scare me as I loved the N64 and Gamecube – neither of which were the best selling consoles of their day. It just angers me as to how Nintendo can pass from the success of the Wii and, instead of rolling it onto their next console, flush it all down the drain.

People don’t seem to want to buy the Wii U. But why!? Rayman Legends on the Wii U is brilliant inventive and also one of the best co-operative gaming experiences I’ve had. The console has amazing potential. The ability for off screen play, that is built into most of the games, is worth buying the console alone.

I agree with many other analysts that the advertising campaign is flawed and probably mostly to blame. People didn’t understand the Wii U. They didn’t know about it. I did, because as soon as it was announced I sniffed out and absorbed all subsequent information I could fit in my mind. But I’m a crazed fan boy. A blindly loyal, unquestioning fan boy. I genuinely think (putting aside my cult follower like obedience) that the console is great but has now sunk so far out of the public’s eye that it can’t recover.

Then why am I not perturbed? Because for me the existing and announced official Nintendo games are enough to justify the cost of the console. I already own Pikmin 3, Mario and (soon) The Wind Waker HD. Then on the list yet to come there’s Mario Kart, Smash Brothers and a new Zelda. That’s without any extras to be announced and second party games like Rayman Legends (which is amazing) to help fill the gaps in between.

Also since there is so few people buying games for the console, the price of these second party titles drop much quicker than on other consoles, which is great for the people that have taken up the console.

And yes I will probably buy a PS4 when they reduce in price a bit as the reality is that the wait between games maybe a bit too much for me. But I still love my Wii U. I love it.

And there is always a little bit of me that enjoys having the uncool console: To be a bit niche.

Yeah, I can be that guy too.

I hate that guy.


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